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1st night inside?

Is night 26 the big turn around?

Skye slept inside the house from 11pm to 4:30am! Yes, inside!!

We were able to keep her relatively relaxed on her bed in the evening before going to bed, but after the bed time lick mats she went outside as usual. She barked around 11pm at which time I was able to call her in and she settled on her bed. I laid on the sofa to keep her company, too affraid to lose her if I returned to my bed. Around 1am, she went back outside and again I was able to bring her back in. We slept till 4:30am. This time she wouldn't follow me inside anymore. But 5h30 sleep in the house after she having slept almost a month outside is quite amazing!

I am a bit tired and sore ('cause the sofa) but really happy and hopeful! :)


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