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scary beep

Skye hates all the beeps coming from our phones, computers... As soon as she hears one, she stands up and goes outside. That's her way to cope with scary stressful things.

We are trying very hard to not have any such noises in the house (you may have noticed that we are not answering your calls or being very punctual at replying to your texts, well that's because we don't hear them! LOL) while we are working on desensitizing her to all these beeps.

Unfortunately we forget sometimes to ask our visitors to silence their devices, which is what happened this morning when we were going to greet our cleaning lady. You can see Skye coming excitingly in the room to say hi, and then turning back immediately after hearing the beep.

She is still outside 3 hours later...

This makes me really sad, especially because the timing was terrible. Greeting people is supposed to be a good thing and we are working hard to make a lots of positive associations with people. And today, it was more like a punishment (people == scary noise).

We will eventually teach her to not fear that beep, but it's a really tough one as we need to create sounds below her threshold that we can still hear ourselves!


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