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a mostly good day

Today was a mostly good day.

Yesterday night we figured out that the thing she likes best is to be left alone (which is so different from Lallie who had separation anxiety). Skye finally ate and drank a bit, started exploring her room, and even ventured in the yard!

This afternoon was not so good. We tried to change her bandage. The vet told us to do that everyday, and gave us some sedative to make the task easier. A friend with lots of experience with animal care came to give us a hand. But it was just impossible to get her to lay down. She was very scared and used all her strength to escape. She would hide under the furniture. We tried using a slip lead but that was a mistake, she felt even more trapped. After a few minutes of wrangling, we gave up.

It's really hard to deal with emotional and physical trauma at the same time. Skye doesn't trust us, but she needs treatment. And it's hard to build trust when you have to push pills down her throat...

But tonight we had a breakthrough with the pills. We noticed that giving her the pain meds that are in liquid form was relatively easy: just put a syringe in the corner of her mouth, push it slowly, and she would swallow the med. So we opened the antibiotics capsules and dissolved the powder in water, added a drop of agave nectar (AB typically don't taste good), and added the mixture into the syringe with the pain meds. Et voila! She got all her meds in less than 10 seconds without any struggles.

She is now soundly asleep in her crate.

Today was a mostly good day.


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