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asking for attention

Skye has been trying to get more and more attention from us, especially me. Look how cute she is when she does that:

She obviously wants some love, but when we give her, she is not very sure about it anymore. Watch all the mixed signals she is giving:

We talked to our VB team about this and indeed she is conflicted. She does want our attention but doesn't like the way we primates do it. We use our hands, we touch, hug, caress... She doesn't like that. So instead, we are going to use verbal praise, food treats, playing sessions... because we do like her attention seeking and want to reinforce that behavior.

Here is a game I took outside when she came asking for attention:

One thing she likes a lot is playing tag, but I was worried it would reinforce her running away from me, which could be problematic if I ever need to call her to me. So I am getting her chase me instead, and then reward that. Fun!


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