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back outside :(

I was really hoping we were on the right track, but Skye slept outside the last 2 nights... Quite frustrating I must say, especially as we have no idea why.

Skye has always been a big day napper and more active in the late afternoon, but her cycle has totally shifted to a nocturnal one. She sleeps all day in the yard, hidden in her hut. If you would come visit us during the day, you wouldn't know we have a dog! She starts emerging around 5pm when we feed the turkeys. This is also the time we serve her dinner, but she doesn't touch it until later in the evening. Around 6:30pm, when we put the chickens to bed, is when she really wakes up and interacts with us. From then on, she is quite alert! This is when we try to play, do some training, and get some zoomies out. While we have our dinner, she is guarding her yard (the rats are up too!) and answering distant barking.

It's no wonder that by the time we are ready to put our feet up and read a book, we are having difficulties to get her to lay quietly in the living room with us. She will do it for treats, but she is super alert, focused, and not ready to relax. Because we made the yard much less fun at night, she eventually came inside, but the last 2 nights she didn't care and found a little piece of mulch to curl on.

We are starting to be a bit desperate (the lack of sleep is not helping). We are going to further shrink the yard tonight. Hopefully, it will bring her inside. If not, I think we are going to have to herd her inside and close the door. I am quite wary to do that, but things cannot continue as they are now.


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