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Practicing good biosecurity, such as wearing specific shoes and washing your hands, has always been important when visiting your chickens. But with the threat of the Virulent Newcastle Disease, it's even more important. In addition to keeping a closed flock (no birds in, no birds out), it is crucial that you don't bring any contaminant in the chicken area. And unless you are staying in your house and never meet anyone, you have to assume that you are contaminated. It may seem a bit paranoid, but better be safe than sorry with a highly contagious deadly disease! Cover your regular clothes by wearing something on top like a coverall, scrubs, or disposable isolation suit. Make sure to wash them regularly. The same applies to your dedicated chicken shoes, disinfect them regularly with oxidizing agents like Virkon S. Note that if you visited someone else's birds, then don't even go close to your chickens. Take a shower and wear a clean set of clothes before visiting your chickens.


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