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chai's limping

We just came back from the vet and Chai doesn’t have a bumblefoot but arthritis!

She was slightly limping when we got her (rescued as a pullet from a slaughterhouse) and it got worse over time. We removed a bumblefoot in February which seemed to reduce the limping for a while, but it came back. Although it doesn't prevent her running around and being a troublemaker, we went to the vet to treat it properly.

I was really surprised when the vet said that her feet were fine and there was no infection. Chai actually has arthritis! It's probably caused by an old injury and aggravated by her weight. Chai is about 7lb now. She is an heavy bread and the vet did an ultrasound to see if there was not some reproductive issue causing the extra weight. The good news is no, it's just fat in her belly. She will need to be on a diet (just her feed + greens, no more treats!). She will also get carprofen twice a day to reduce the inflammation in her leg.

There is something else that the vet saw in her belly, it's a small growth (2cm). It's not clear yet how worrisome it is, but we will need to have a follow up ultrasound in a month...


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