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coop renovation

Chai alerting us that her home is falling apart...

The base is indeed quite rotten. The coop is made of fir wood and has been sitting on the soil for 13 years!

Since the run is made of several panels, we opened its end, took a couple panels out, and closed it back. It allows us to renovate incrementally and keep the chickens safe during the remodeling.

Chai supervising the work...

All the rotten wood will be replaced by new redwood. And we will be elevating the whole coop by placing it on top of big pressured treated redwood beams.

Making a new panel.

Building a new end.

Painting: primer + 2 coats of paint.

New end is ready.

A panel ready to be installed.

The coop with the new end and 2 new panels.

All is temporarily attached by zip ties as everything will need to be taken apart when adding the beams beneath.

To be continued...


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