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off gabapentin

This is now two weeks that Skye is off gabapentin, and it shows! She has much more energy, she is more interested in training, she engages more with us, and above all, her zoomies are back! :)

She has been on gabapentin since last summer, and the drug immediately helped her to trust and bond with Peter. It also helped a lot during the counter-conditioning and desensitization work we've been doing by lowering her anxiety. It allowed her to learn new things and interact more with her environment.

Recently, our VB asked us if the drug had still a positive impact and since we didn't really know, she recommended to wean her off and see. And we were really happy to see that not only she didn't need the drug anymore, but that we got back our playful doggie!

And the magic of these drugs is that all what she learned remains! She is actually a more confident dog and of course, she still loves her dad.


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