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planning next vet visit

My heart rate went up when I received Skye's license renewal notice. I didn't realize that the rabies vaccination she got in South Korea was only valid for 1 year. It expires on August 11th!

While we've made a lot of progress with Skye over the past 10 months, we aren't able to bring her out of the house. No collar, no harness, no leash... I was taking my time as I didn't think we had any deadlines!

I am now wondering how to proceed. Here are 3 options I see: 1) Ask our vet for an exemption so we don't have to get her rabies shot for one more year. She doesn't leave the house but we do have rodents in the yard. 2) Try to get a vet to come to our house to give her the shot. We would put her in a crate prior to your arrival, and lift the top of the crate for the vaccination. She is not going to like going into a crate and that will most probably damage her trust in me. And will it make her regress in regard to being indoor (I can't see how to crate her outside in the yard)? 3) We bring her to the vet office in her crate, and because of covid, they take her inside without me. That's really not my preference since I really think my presence would comfort her. I can try to convince the vet about that and tell them I would be happy to wear whatever gear they deem necessary.

My stomach is in knots, and kind of regret that I took it too easy regarding collar/leash training.

This picture is from her first day at the vet, back in September last year.


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