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vet behaviorist

I am very happy. We made an appointment with a vet behaviorist.

There are only about 80 certified vet behaviorists in the US. And we started contacting the local ones who have been highly recommended to us and have been working with dogs from dog meat farms. Unfortunately, they are legally required to see their new clients in person and they don't do home visits. Putting Skye through the stress of sedation, crate, and transport just so a vet can see her didn't seem to make much sense (especially when it's about helping her with this exact issue!), so we looked a bit further. Due to covid (or should I say thanks to covid), the state of Oregon made an exemption and is allowing its veterinarians to see the dogs remotely. This is just perfect for us! We contacted the Animal Behavior Clinic in Portland who have 2 certified vet behaviorists on staff and was recommended as well, and we have an appointment for October 20th. Yes, it is a bit far away but I guess we aren't the only ones with dogs who can't be taken places...

I am very hopeful that they will be able to help us help Skye to move one step closer to becoming a "regular" dog.


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