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international respect for chickens month

May 1, 2018

May is the International Respect for Chickens Month!

Learn something new about chickens:

  • Baby chicks start talking to their moms while still in the egg.

  • There are 23 billion chickens in the world.

  • Chickens can apply logic, draw inferences, and plan ahead.

  • 99% of chickens are raised in factory farms.

  • Chickens recognize shapes and patterns, even very complicated ones.

  • Chickens raised for meat and for eggs are totally different breeds.

  • Chickens can recognize up to 100 faces, including yours.

  • Chickens raised for meat are slaughtered at 6 weeks of age.

  • Chickens are awesome!
    Oh well, everybody already knows that, so it doesn’t really count as new :)

  and take an action:

  • Share some of the new things you just learned with your friends.

  • Do something fun for your chickens like hanging a cabbage in their coop.

  • Eat less chicken. Ever tried Gardein chick’n or Beyond chicken strips?

  • Adopt a chicken or two.

  • Support a chicken rescue/education nonprofit
    https://www.clorofil.org/donate :)

 Let’s celebrate our feathered friends this month and beyond!



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