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Clorofil is an all-volunteer animal advocacy nonprofit and micro-sanctuary for farmed animals.
We are located in the San Francisco bay area.

Our mission
We educate the public about animal care and promote a plant-based lifestyle.

We also rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome farmed animals.

Our team

Isabelle Cnudde, founder

Peter Cnudde, treasurer and best supporter ever :)

Our story
We turned our backyard chicken coop into a micro-sanctuary in 2014 when we adopted our first rescue hens.

Thyme and Lavender came from an egg factory. Despite the terrible conditions they grew up in, they were amazing and enjoyed each moment at its fullest.

They changed our life. We learned a lot about factory farming, and Isabelle started to volunteer with Animal Place, the organization who saved our new hens. She participated to their hen rescues and got to learn a lot about chicken care.

But it’s Charlie who is the spark behind Clorofil. She was severely injured and her keepers didn’t notice it. By the time we took care of her, it was too late and we had to euthanize her. Charlie’s story led us to create our classes to educate and empower keepers to feel confident with the care of their chickens.

In 2016, we founded Clorofil to share our passion for chickens and all other animals.

501(c)(3) information
Clorofil is a state and federally recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that was founded in November 2016. All donations are tax deductible. Clorofil's tax ID number is 81-5426103.

Contact us
Email us at
Mail us at 1176 Richardson Ave, Los Altos, CA 94024.

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