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Adopt your chickens at your local animal shelter or farmed animal sanctuary.

You can also find your perfect match on, and

Here are the three sanctuaries in Northern California that regularly have hens available for adoption.

Click on their logo to apply.


Here are the top 3 reasons to adopt a chicken:


  • You save a life.
    Like dogs and cats, too many chickens come into shelters and too few people consider adoption when looking for a chicken.
    Some farmed animal organizations rescue hens from the egg industry so they can have a second life in your backyard.
    When you adopt, you save a chicken by making her part of your family and open up space for another one to be sheltered and rescued.


  • It’s a way to fight hatcheries.
    Almost all eggs and chicks come from hatcheries, and they are no better than puppy mills.
    The parents and grandparents are bred and the less desirable offspring are killed in order to control the bloodlines. They are de-beaked and kept in sheds until their time is up.
    The fertilized eggs are artificially incubated, the chicks never meet their mothers, and they are inhumanely shipped via mail (not all make it alive to destination).
    In fact hatcheries are even worse than puppy mills because they kill the boys just after hatching.
    So actually you save 2 lives when you adopt a hen!


  • It’s much easier.
    By adopting an adult chicken, you are skipping the time consuming and messy job of raising a chick.
    With an adult chicken, you also know the gender. No surprise rooster, nor the agony of deciding what to do with him!

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