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Chicken care classes

New to backyard chickens or experienced keeper?

Come and join us at one of the following classes:

  • Gearing up for pet chickens
    Thinking of having pet chickens? Don't know if they are right for you? This class will show you what is involved in keeping them in your backyard, and teach you the basic requirements like housing, food, and maintenance. It will help you get ready for the arrival of these new pets in your family.

  • Happy & healthy pet chickens
    You have pet chickens and want to learn how to keep them happy and healthy. This class will show you how to enrich your backyard, introduce new chickens to your flock, perform health checks, and treat some common injuries and illnesses.

I found your presentation a wonderful blend of enthusiastically positive and down-to-earth realistic.

I needed this information 23 years ago!  

I feel more confident about how to prep for many situations.

I love how everything was easy to understand. Great visuals. Lots of good information without being overwhelming.

Isabelle has very good knowledge. All is expressed in a very understandable way. Excellent class. Happy to have the detailed paperwork as well.

Great new information that will enable me to give better care to my flock.

Chicken care classes


We offer private consultations at your home, our micro-sanctuary, or online:

  • Chicken coop advice (placement, predator proofing...)

  • Chicken health check demonstration

  • Answer your chicken questions

Please contact for more information.

Upcoming events

Upcoming events

No upcoming events at the moment


We offer presentations about the animals used in our food system as well as chicken care classes.

Please contact if you want to schedule an event at your venue.

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