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It can be a very hard decision to rehome your chickens especially because it’s usually the result of a personal event (illness, moving, divorce, ...). Here are some tips on how to find a good home for your chickens.


Note that if you are thinking of getting rid of your older hens to make place for younger ones, please read this article “Best home for an older hen”. Also if one of your chicks grew up into a rooster and you are not zoned for him, please consider adopting a fully-grown hen instead of buying chicks next time.


The best bet is to post in your neighborhood (nextdoor) and local chicken groups (svchickens and sanmateochickens yahoo groups, facebook group in the San Francisco bay area). You can also post on national facebook groups like Farm Animals Needing Adoption (FANA) and Farm Sanctuary's Farm Animal Adoption Network.

If that doesn’t work, contact your local animal shelters and sanctuaries. The Humane Society of Silicon Valley, Palo Alto Animals Services, and the city of San Jose Animal Care Center will take them depending on where you live.


In our experience, hens usually find a home within a couple of weeks, whereas it may take much longer for roosters. Please be patient and persistent.


When a potential adopter contacts you, do a proper interview before giving your chickens away. It may be tempting to accept the first person who wants your birds especially if you are in a hurry to rehome them. Remember, you are looking for a truly good home for your chickens.

List all the qualities the best home would provide: predator proof coop and run, access to food and medical care, keep chickens until end of their natural life... And make sure the adopter meets your requirements. Ask lots of questions: Why are they interested in adopting? How many chickens do they currently have (hens vs. roosters)? What is their zoning? Where do they care for sick and injured birds?...

When you decide on an adopter, make sure you deliver your chickens so you can see their coop and meet their flock. If you see any red flags, leave with your chickens. You will find them another home. Don’t leave them in a place you are not 100% confident about.

After placing your chickens in their new home, we recommend you follow up with the adopter.


Our micro-sanctuary does not take in any chickens at this time, but we are happy to help you find your birds a new home.

Send us an email with the description of the chickens you want to rehome (sex, age, breed, personality...) and a couple of pictures. Provide your location (city, state) and the best way for potential adopters to contact you (email/phone). Also let us know if you have chicken gear to give to the adopter (coop, feeder, feed...).

We will then post on our different chicken networks. Candidate adopters will contact you directly. Note that we will not be involved in the screening of the adopters, nor the transport of the chickens. However, we appreciate an email telling us when the birds have been successfully placed :)


Good luck.

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