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10 weeks

It's Skye's 10-week rescue anniversary!

It seems that she has been with us for much longer. There has been so much progress since her arrival. She wags her tail when she sees me. She comes asking to be petted. She is getting more comfortable meeting new people. She is getting used to our routine and started establishing her own. My favorite is when she comes in morning, as soon as the sun rises, to check on me, give me wet kisses, and ask for love, meaning butt scratches. She comes back 30 minutes later if I am still in bed.

Because of her remarkable resilience, it's easy to forget that 10 weeks is actually quite short. Today when she came inside after running in the rain, she recoiled when I tried to pat her dry with a towel. I totally had forgotten that this is something completely new and scary for her. Also she is still warming up to Peter. He cannot touch her yet, and she doesn't want to hangout with him alone in the same room.

There is still lots of work ahead, lots of patience too, but seeing her transforming into a happy dog is very encouraging. Today when she put her head on my lap and closed her eyes, my heart just melted!


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