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4th night outside

We increased the dose of trazodone (150mg) last night but didn't see any difference. Skye wasn't in the mood to sleep. The moon was very bright, so in addition of hearing the critter scurrying around, she could see them too!

She woke us a few times between 10pm and midnight, and later around 3am. Since I wasn't able to get her to stop barking, I sat on the bench and eventually fell asleep with her. We slept till the chickens woke us up with the sunrise.

During breakfast, she came on her bed in the living room. This is now 2 hours that she is there. We don't dare to move... :)

A friend just shared this post about recovery and it hit home.

"When you notice your dog’s recovery going sideways, backwards, perhaps even forwards a few times in between, don’t panic. It’s ok. You’ll be ok. Your dog will be ok."


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