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4th VB appointment

Yesterday we met with the dog trainer working with our vet behaviorist. We are going to meet with her every 2-3 weeks to help us with the day to day training.

Prior to the appointment, we sent them 2 videos: one showing one of our training sessions and one showing Skye's excitement and happiness. Both of these videos provide insights for how Skye feels in the 2 different situations, and they want to leverage that info going forward. Basically, they told us to get Skye more excited about the training sessions so she starts offering behaviors like she did when I opened the package.

We got as homework to make 4 lists of objects: love/like, neutral, not sure, and do not like this item. We will use one object that she likes or is neutral at first, and put it on the floor when we begin a training session and remove it at the end. And we will reward (yes + treat) any interaction with the object, any interaction with us, and any happy/excited/engaged behavior from Skye.

To be continued...


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