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a social Christmas

Skye is becoming a social butterfly!

Well not quite... but she met people 3 days in a row and did amazingly well.

With covid and this summer's setback, we had put on hold people socialization. The only people she met regularly were our wonderful cleaning ladies, but the last couple of months she avoided them by going in the backyard. So it was wonderful when she decided to greet them this week! (see "friends again!").

The day after, a friend came over for coffee. Skye greeted her quite nicely and hung out with us for a while before going outside to play with the wrapping paper from the gift brought by my friend.

And today, we had another friend over for lunch and Skye outdid herself. After watching the visitor entering the house from the safety of the backyard through the windows, she came inside and gave her a good sniff, and then settled rather quickly on her mat.

I have to thank my friends for these amazing socialization opportunities. They are all very good at ignoring the dog (no eye contact, not talking to her...), and not reacting when Skye comes quite close to them to sniff them or bark at them.


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