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Two weeks ago, we couldn't deal with Skye's nocturnal barking anymore and closed the backdoor so she wouldn't have access to the yard during the night. We slept well that night, and have ever since :)

We've dreaded doing this as that open door was critical in the beginning for Skye to feel comfortable (and not trapped) in the house. To our surprise, when we closed the door that first night, she didn't react much. She saw a critter outside, ran to the door, and when she realized it was closed, went back to her bed. No whining, no crying, no pawing at the door... She probably resigned herself that she couldn't get outside. In the morning, we opened the door immediately after we woke up. She stayed on her bed, sleeping in, and only went outside after we had breakfast. Wow! Was it working? Didn't she care about that door being closed or opened? She came in and out throughout the day without any concerns. Should we try that again next night?

We've be carefully monitoring her reaction expecting her to stay outside in the evening so she wouldn't be trapped in the house, or escaping in the yard as soon as the door opened in the morning. But no, she doesn't show any apprehension at the backdoor being closed at night!

Sometime you have just to try and see! :)


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