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her safe place

The sound of paws going back and forth in our bedroom woke me up in the middle of the night. I stretched my hand out of the comforter and met a wet nose. Skye let me stroke her in the dark and laid down next to me. I was holding my breath. How long was she going to stay? will she spend the whole night at my side? As her breathing relaxed, I fell back asleep. I woke up a couple more times, pricking up my ears, and fell back asleep as I heard Skye's soft breathing. In the morning, she was still there. I didn't want to get up and break the spell. Skye is sleeping in our bedroom! I was so happy :)

Look at her...

She didn't move when I finally got up. She even stayed there while we had breakfast and dressed ourselves. Weird! This was starting to look suspicious. What's going on? Is she sick? Did something happen during the night?

She eventually got up, went outside, but immediately came back inside. She wasn't at ease, paced around and went back in the corner in the bedroom. This was when we put two and two together. There is a storm coming and there is a lot of wind. She reacted to each gust.

So she actually came to our bedroom in the middle of the night to find comfort, and although I am sad that the wind stresses her, it makes me really happy that she consider me/us as her safe place!

The wind is still blowing as I am writing this, and Skye settled down with me in the living room.


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