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big social day

Today was a big social day for Skye.

First the cleaning ladies came this morning. The first three weeks she ignored them, but today she barked at them. She didn't like having "strangers" in the house, HER house! This is a sign that she is starting to feel comfortable in her new home. This is good! Of course I don't want her to bark at our visitors, so I started rewarding her stopping barking.

Later in the afternoon, she barked again in the yard. There were workers on the roof of the neighbor house. Thank you Skye for the alarm, I actually appreciate that! I started working with her on stopping barking, but the workers threw a ball they found on the roof in our yard. The intention was good, but that got Skye is a barking frenzy that I couldn't manage.

While she was still excited, a friend we were expecting for dinner arrived. More barking! I tried to reward every moment she was quiet, and it worked. She eventually settled down when we all sat at the table. That was the first time she hanged out with us in the same room. Very cool!

Later another friend joined for a meeting. There was some barking until everyone settled down again. Now look at her. She is laying on her mat in the living room, all relaxed.

I have the impression we made lots of progress today :)


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