Chicken cooling techniques

Here are all the ways we are keeping our chickens and turkeys cook during hot summer days.

Thermometers to know how really hot it is in the chicken yard.

Plenty fresh water to keep everyone hydrated.

Add ice cubes to help cooling down.

Frozen treats. Use low calorie foods to minimize heat in the body.

Plenty of shade from trees, bushes, or shade cloth.

Water an area of the yard to provide a cool place to dust bath.

Soaker hose to moisten the soil. Cool the soil and the air when it evaporates.

Misters to cool the air.

Timers to control the soaker hoses and misters.

Hose feet when birds are too hot, panting.

If the chicken is becoming lethargic, bring her immediately in a cooler place (ideally with AC on). Soak her in a cool basin of water and give her subcutaneous fluids to hydrate her.


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