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collar #1

Skye doesn't wear a collar yet. She is microchipped, but since we aren't able to touch her, she has no collar. So yesterday when we went to the vet and thought he would sedate her, we brought a collar with us. The idea was to put the collar on when she was under to 1) get her used to have something around her neck, and 2) have people recognize that she has a human family and that she isn't a wild white coyote, in case she would escape.

We made a collar for Skye using one of Lallie's old ones. We wrote her name and our phone numbers in big letters on it, so she could be identified with a high powered lens from a distance (thank you dog rescuers for the tip). It also removes the annoying and potentially scary jingling of having tags.

Since she didn't get sedated at the vet, she didn't get her collar on. So I left the collar near her bed thinking it would be a good idea for her to familiarize herself with the it.

Here is what we found in the backyard a few hours later:

The end of collar #1.


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