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collar #2

Skye got a new collar (she ate the first one!). It's a snap collar (for quick release) with a slide on tag (to not get caught on things).

Now that I can touch and pet Skye, I tried to put her collar on. Actually I did yesterday, she ran away, shaking her head, but it was way too loose and I had to remove it. That's when you appreciate the quick release buckle!

I tried to put it back on today, but she wouldn't let me. She recognized the collar and walked away. I hide it till I was petting her, put the collar quickly around her neck, but she wouldn't allow me to buckle it. She really doesn't like being restrained, and I don't want to fight with her just for a collar. So I guess, we will retry in a few days when miss smarty pants forgets about the collar...


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