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crows and dog

We planted a few grass plugs to reinvigorate a sad corner of our lawn, and set up some obstacles around so Skye wouldn't run through it. A couple hours later, one of the plugs was missing! The plug was just gone. No signs of scratching or digging...?!

The next day, we found the culprits: crows. We have a family of crows living in our backyard, and we love them because as they are protecting their territory, they are keeping our chickens safe from predators like hawks. But this time, they were pulling out the plugs one at the time and flying away with them! We managed to interrupt one and save a plug. Where is our guard dog when we need her?

Yeah! Not super useful... LOL!

Actually, our extra attention to the plugs got her interested in them too, and she started digging them out! So now we have big craters in the sad corner of our lawn, and chewed plugs all over...

We placed a netting on top of the plugs, hoping it will at least deter the crows, but it's not really stopping Skye. There already a few holes in it...


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