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dog meet

Today, Skye met her first dog since her rescue 4 months ago.

Since we had no idea how she would react to another dog, especially in her backyard (remember we can't bring her to places yet, she doesn't have a collar...), we decided to play it safe and have her meet a perfect dog through a fence at first. We installed x-pens near the side yard, so the guest dog could come in and retreat safely from the fenced area in the backyard. The perfect dog was Rufus whom my friend met a the doggie daycare where she works. He is super cool and unfazed dude whose mom was totally cool about having him help Skye.

At first, Skye was a bit stressed by the intruders (my friend + Rufus) but relaxed during the meeting. She didn't show any signs of aggression nor did she show any signs of playfulness. She was mostly curious. She got to sniff Rufus through the fence a few times. She became relaxed enough that she took treats and laid down a couple times.

All in all, it was a successful first dog meet :)


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