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When we started working with our new VB, we had to change our trainer. So we scheduled an appointment with a new trainer who was both local and recommended by the VB. Their earliest appointment was a month later on January 6th so I had a lot of time to build up big expectations and make the resolution that 2022 was going to be the year of the leash! Last week when we met them, we were really disappointed when they told us that the only way to put a collar on Skye was to sedate her, and that there is no way we will ever be able to put an harness on her. They also said they didn't like having the dog under any (anxiety) medications while training. I received that as a punch in the stomach, like "our goals are unachievable", "we will never be able to take Skye out of the house"... Basically we've been doing everything wrong from the beginning!

Sad and demoralized, I called my friend who is a dog behaviorist/trainer and has a ton of experience with highly traumatized dogs. She reassured me that we were on the right path with Skye, and that actually we didn't just want to put a collar on Skye but to be able to handle her in many different situations. The training we need is to desensitize her to touch and the collar is just a part of that. That gave me a boost and re-energized me. 2022 can still be the year of the leash, and I will focus all my energy on it.

I know a bit about dog training and learned quite a bit more since we have Skye, but I have to up my game and become a dog trainer, Skye's personal dog trainer! I have a pile of articles to read, videos to watch, will need to connect more experts, and of course spend even more quality time with Skye :)

I actually had most of these books before Skye. I only got "Fearful Dog", "Plenty in life is free", and "BAT 2.0" since she joined our family ;)


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