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fireworks and cats

Yesterday, we were a bit worried about Skye's reaction to the many fireworks and firecrackers in our area, but she did really well. She stayed inside, laying on her bed looking pretty unconcerned. So we all went to bed pretty relaxed while some explosions were still going on.

But at 3 o'clock in the morning, she woke us with loud excited barks and growls. A few seconds later, we heard the long and loud yowling of two cats. Skye really wanted to go outside and paced in the house. We didn't let her outside for the safety of the cats and there is no point to wake up the whole neighborhood with barking on top of yowling! As she continued to bark, growl, and whine, I went to sit with her in the living room (this is where she sleeps most of the time). It calmed her a bit. We stared at the dark yard (thus the very granulated picture below), heard a couple more yowls, and eventually she laid down and sighed.


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