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first bark

Today we heard Skye barking for the first time since we have her!

For the last 3 weeks (yep, Skye has been with us for that long already!), we've been introducing her to new people, mostly friends who have some dog experience and who would just hang out with us in our yard while ignoring Skye and not making any eye contact with her. She did good, observing them from a distance at first, and in some case coming a bit closer to check them out.

Today, a friend who does rescue work came over, and for some reason Skye started barking at her. It may be because my friend walked into the yard without me, or because she was wearing a cap, or... It was interesting to see how she looked back at me for comfort.

This made me realize that I need to do more active socialization with her, and that Skye is actually starting to trust me a bit :)


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