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first vet visit

"I am not sure I like this new home." - Skye

At 7am on her first day home, we brought Skye to the vet. I wish we could have waited couple weeks to get her used to her new home and to each other, but she has an open wound on her leg that required immediate attention.

We transported her in her crate since 1) she likes it and 2) she has never worn a collar nor walked on leash.

Luckily we had given the heads up to the vet about Skye's origin and her wound, so she cleared up her schedule for us. We ended up spending 4 hours at the hospital! Skye was sedated for most of it. She got a full exam and a deep cleaning of her wound. She got a very necessary nail trim (she didn't get to use her nails at all in her cage with a wire floor, exactly like the battery cage egg laying hens) and a nice cleaning of her ears. Her teeth were in quite a good condition except for a few chips (biting on the bars of her cage?) and indicated that she is quite young, probably 1 or 2 years old.

The X-ray of her leg revealed a fracture of her wrist that didn't heal right which explains her crooked leg. Several vets at the hospital looked at her leg, and told us that she most probably won't ever to put weight on it and that we may need to consider amputating her whole leg!

That was like a punch to my stomach and got me dizzy. Compounded with the jet lag of the trip and the stress of getting her home yesterday, I just teared up. After all she's gone through, she really doesn't need this!

But let's not rush anything. We are first going to see if we can control the infection. She is on a strong antibiotic (+ pain med / anti-inflammatory) and we are cultivating the bacteria of her wound so we know if she needs something different.

Next challenge: get her to eat the meds tonight (she has not yet shown much interest in food) and change her bandage tomorrow! :)


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