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fourth vet visit

5am - I wake up and step out barefoot in the backyard through the bathroom door. As fast and stealthy as possible I walk to the office and close the door. Skye hears me, but I am faster. She is now "locked" inside the house. I go back to bed.

6am - We wake up for good, close all the bedrooms door, and have breakfast. She knows something is happening. She stays away from her crate and keeps a close eye on us.

7am - Time to go in her crate. She doesn't want to and hides in the living room. I herd her gently today the kitchen/office and close the gate behind me. She looks at me pleadingly, and I tries to explain her why I am doing that. Resigned, she walks in her crate. We carry her crate in the car and off we go!

8am - The vet doesn't sedate her. We take off the top of her crate so he can look at her wound. He is really happy with the progress. It's much smaller and has a nice scab on it. Yes! He gives her her second (and last) antibiotics injection. We put the top of the crate back so she can relax while we discuss with him. After seeing the videos of Skye walking, playing, and running in the yard, he says that she is using her leg enough that amputation won't be needed. Double yes! He also says that breaking her wrist again to fuse it properly is probably not an option anymore, as there is already too much scar tissue on it. In any case, we would wait several months until we feel comfortable we can give her post-surgery care. So really the plan for now is to let her leg be. She will have a crooked leg and will limp, but she is young and is already showing that she can manage pretty well this way. Triple yes!

9am - We are back home. Relieved. We've been planning and stressing about this appointment for days.

Oh! and she gained 2.8lb in 3 weeks :)


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