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loving the indoors

Skye is quite happy and relaxed outside. We play a lot together, she follows us around, and she always comes near us when we sit down somewhere in the yard. However she is a bit more cautious inside and for good reason! So we are creating lots of positive associations inside the house.

First, this is where her food is served and eaten! At first she took her peanut butter toast outside to eat, now we cut it in small piece so she has to stay inside.

Second, her bedroom is a quiet place with her comfy blanket and has access to the outside. This is the place she now likes to hang out when it's getting dark or too cold and windy outside.

Every time she comes into the living room (which is now our office, since her bedroom was our office...), she gets lots of treats, and we play. She really likes to play, and often engages in play so we are totally using that as rewards (and I love to play too!). All the dog toys are now in the living room, and one of her new favorite pass-time is to "steal" them and bring them outside.

At night, we watch movies on our laptop on the sofa (the big screen is too loud and scary at the moment) and she comes check us out. And when she shows up, it's treat time!

The last 2 nights, she settled down with us. We didn't dare to move nor resume the movie. We just looked at her, very much in love with our new furry baby.


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