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lure to touch

Another one of our exercises is to teach Skye to touch things (eventually the leash) by herself.

  1. Start only with a towel on your knee or on another surface.

  2. Use food to lure Skye's head 1-2 inches towards the towel and then reward her.

  3. Continue to build on this movement towards the towel using the food lure technique with the goal of Skye getting closer to the towel.

  4. Eventually, we would like to see Skye start to touch the towel while she eats the treat (but this may be a few weeks away!)

I kind of went too fast and started with the leash directly. Useless to say that it didn't work. Skye was like "this is a trap!".

Then I removed the leash and used a towel instead, but Skye was still quite suspicious about the whole thing.

Finally, I decrease the difficulty by placing the towel directly on a chair and keeping it short.

We will see what our trainer says but I think I messed up that training exercise quite a bit. Not Skye's fault.


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