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When you are not sure about people, seeing huge ones in your house can be very scary!

Since Skye's arrival, we've been watching movies on our laptop in the living room instead of on the big screen in our little home theatre. The image and the sound were really freaking her out, and there were so many new things going on with her that there was no point in adding this. At first we use earphones with the laptop, so she wouldn't react at all. Then we added the sound, and would turn down the volume when there were big explosions (we were watching the Star Trek Discovery series). She didn't like male voices either! but eventually got used to sounds coming from a box.

Yesterday we returned to the big screen with very low volume (we had to turn the subtitles on!) and a bag of treats. She barked at the actors first, but every time she stopped I gave her a treat. Very soon, she was sitting next to me, alternating her focus from the screen to me, receiving a treat each time she looked at me. Then she laid down and eventually went to her bed in the other room. I was really proud of her!


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