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Something is off with Skye. For the last 5 days, she has been hiding in her little nook in our bedroom. Not just at night, but also during the day. At first we thought she had a tummy ache: her stomach rumbled loudly, she ate grass, and barely touched her food. We didn't worry as it has happened a couple times. She finds chicken poop a delicacy, and although she doesn't have access to their yard, she manages to get some that we accidentally track outside on our shoes. So we let her be and hoped all would fix itself.

When she started eating again, we thought it was over but she stayed in her nook and didn't show much interest for interaction/play with us. She eats, drinks, pees, and poops fine and we don't hear stomach rumbling anymore. Could it be some behavioral regression? Have we pushed her too much with our training and she is now completely avoiding us? I don't think so but who knows what's going on in her head? I start talking to a friend who is an HSI dog behaviorist and she said it could be "learned helplessness". Basically that nook is her cage :(

She came this afternoon hanging out with us in the living room. That made us very happy :)

But she went back in her nook half an hour later with a toy this time! I told that to the same friend and she said that it may be a "false pregnancy"... So I've been reading up on that, and except for the vomiting she has quite a lot of the symptoms. And it could kind of explain the excessive licking of her belly at night...

It's time we call our vet behaviorist!


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