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Not Skye's but mine...

"We are in a big house with a big yard and there are lots of people and a few dogs. Skye is with us and doesn't seem to mind the people nor the dogs. One of the big redwood trees in the yard falls and takes down a huge section of the backyard fence. Two of the other dogs escape. With a friend, I frantically call Skye and lure her inside the house. Let's lock her in a room so she will be safe. All the rooms downstairs are occupied, we need to go upstairs. Can Skye climb up the stairs? Yes she can. We are in a room, but the door doesn't close properly. Skye escapes. She runs outside and goes into the neighbor's garage. Close the door! Close the door! I shout. She is now safely inside, but now I need to put her on leash to bring her back home..."

No no, the leash training is not having any psychological impact on me! LOL


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