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off sertraline

A month ago, we met with our new vet behaviorist (VB) and we talked about the different medications Skye was on. We decided to wean her off sertraline since we weren't sure about the positive effects it had and talked about other alternatives.

That is now one week that Skye is off the med and she is a different dog! Her zoomies and playfulness are back. She is more active and engages a lot more with us. We didn't realize how much the sertraline was sedating her! She is also eating a lot more (which according to the VB is normal). And the cool thing is that she didn't lose any of the things she learned while under sertraline. Yeah! :)

The VB says that the sertraline most likely helped her in the beginning but now she has built up some coping mechanisms and resiliency. We are continuing to give her gabapentin as it does help reduce her anxiety. But we are going to not add other medications for now and see how far we can get with her training.

BTW by changing our VB, we also had to change our trainer. It's a pity because we really liked her, but the new one is local which means that at some point, she will be able to meet Skye in-person.


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