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over licking

This is now several days that Skye has been licking a spot on her leg. And since she doesn't do things by halves, the small itchy spot (probably an insect bite) is now a big red, swollen, and fur less area!

It's just impossible to get her to stop. If you try to stop her, she just walk away and lick it farther away from you! She licks it at night too. We've been giving her carprofen and benadryl to decrease the pain and itching, but that's not helping much. Ideally, we would also like to put some antibiotic ointment on it but that's also something we can't do...

This is relatively minor so we don't really worry about it, but it makes us feel quite powerless. It also makes us realize that if we do end up spaying her, we really have no way to prevent her from licking the post-op scar open! And that's really a no-go.


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