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phantom pregnancy?

We haven't talked to our VB yet but I am really starting to think that Skye may be going through a phantom pregnancy.

Her 4 lower teats seem swollen (or maybe it her licking that irritates them?).

She continues nesting in the nook in our bedroom. We installed a webcam in her nest :)

You can see her sleeping on the second toy she brought in this afternoon. Quite adorable, isn't it?

After reading all we could about false pregnancy in dogs, it seems that there is really not much we can do about it. It should end in 3 weeks or so...

Well, actually there is a thing we can do and that we've wanted to do since we got her: spay her! But how do you that when she can't be on leash, we can't put an e-collar on her nor limit her activity at home?!


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