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Skye has an awesome feature: she is self-grooming!

Since her arrival, I've been dreaming of giving her a bath. I wanted to remove all the filth from the farm. Every time I touched her, greasy dirt stuck to my fingers. But of course, it was close to impossible without causing more trauma. I tried to dry-shampoo her which nearly ended up into an emergency visit to the vet (the shampoo powder went in her eyes which swelled immediately!). I attempted a few times to brush her. So we waited... waited till we would be able to handle her more... But after several months of rolling in the grass, and shedding her coat last month, Skye has a beautiful new clean fur! No bath needed :)

Same thing happened with her nails! The vet initially trimmed them during her first visit while she was sedated. The nails of her 3 good legs wore off naturally, but the ones on her injured leg grew back and became long and pointy like at the farm. While I was devising a plan to trim them, she took the matter in her own hands - well mouth... She chewed these nails short! No trimming needed!

Now I can see that the stains on her ears are actually freckles. Isn't that cute?


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