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Skye has been making lots of progress with people. Since she cannot go out to meet people in the street yet (would need to wear a collar for that...), we've been inviting people to come over. Everyone has been fantastic, and has been following our request to ignore her and not making any direct eye contact with her. Simple instructions but not always easy to follow when you have a dog growling and barking at you for the whole visit. During that time, I focused on rewarding every moment she stopped barking, even if it was only to catch her breath. Now she "only" barks for the first 5-10 minutes when someone arrives, and then settles down with us. She even started to take treats from our regular visitors like our cleaning team. And they are the scariest ones because they come with a big scary vacuum cleaner and brooms!

Yesterday, we had a friend over for Christmas Eve and Skye did really good. She barked a bit when she arrived, then settled down on her mat. Some more barking when we moved to dining table, but settled back quickly on her mat once everyone was seated. Barked again when we both went into the kitchen and left her alone with our friend. And finally some barking to say goodbye.

It may sound like a lot of barking but it's really not. It's a huge progress and she does settle down rather quickly after. I am very proud of her!


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