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There is so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Thankful for HSI to have rescued Skye, and for their amazing campaign to end the dog meat trade.

Thankful for all my friends who have come over the last 2 months to help socializing Skye. At first, she would go as far as possible from them and only come back when they were gone. Then, she barked and growled at them but became curious about them at the same time. Yesterday, she didn't bark much at the cleaning team and even took treats for them! And in the evening, she settled down pretty quickly on her mat with our dinner guests. She only barked when they were moving around in the house :)

And thankful for my husband to have said yes to adopting Skye before having met her, and to be so patient with her even if she isn't warmed up to him yet.


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