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We are having a wild weather here in the San Francisco bay area. The last two days have been exceptionally hot (100+F) with no cooling down during the night, and around 3am we woke up to lightning, thunderstorms, and gusty winds! In the 20 years I have been living here, I saw maybe 2 thunderstorms.

When the first thunder woke us up, Skye came in our bedroom and sat next to me looking for reassurance. While I was stroking her, the wind blew through the house (we had all the windows open because of the heat) and slapped several doors shut. That spooked Skye and she rushed outside in the yard. After closing all the windows, we went out looking for her. She was far away from the house but came when called. She followed us in our bedroom, tried to make herself very small in a corner, and finally laid next to the bed where I could put my hand on her. She calmed down and we had a beautiful moment. She was scared and came to me for comfort. It was raining very hard and we both fell asleep like that. After some time, she left and I assumed she went back to her bed in the living room.

A few hours later, when the daylight came, I went to reopen all the windows and didn't see Skye in her bed. I started to panic. Did she sleep outside? in the rain? I found her in the back of the yard, curled in a little ball in her hut. It's a place under 2 big bushes that she loves to hang out during the day (see pictures of the hut here). Luckily she was dry, but my heart sank. She was scared alone during the storm while I was sleeping :( I tried to call her inside, but she wasn't coming close to the house. I prepared her breakfast, put it in the kitchen as usual and went to let the chickens out. Skye was waiting at the gate, so I assumed she didn't go inside but her breakfast was gone. Yeah!

The thunder was still going on while we took our breakfast on our covered patio. Skye was still visibly stressed and stayed away from the house in the rain. A very sad sight :( I felt so powerless.

We settled outside on our covered patio to keep her company, and hopefully get her to take cover with us. It worked! She came on her outside mat and started relaxing near us.

Now the thunder has finally stopped, she is sleeping in a ray of sun.

I hope she will go back in the house soon, and that thunderstorm didn't ruin the house for her. There is a second breakfast waiting for her...


It's 2:30pm. Look who came back in the house to hang out with me!

I guess that the thunderstorm didn't ruin the house for her after all.

I am happy :)


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