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While we are weaning Skye off fluoxetine, our VB asked us to test trazodone. At small dose, it could be used to decrease anxiety and at an higher dose as a sedative. So we want to find out what dosage does what on Skye...

Yesterday, we tried 50mg and didn't really notice anything. She wasn't more engaged in training, nor less reactive to changes in her environment. Maybe she was a bit more sleepy, but that was hard to say.

Today, we tried 100mg. Again, we didn't notice any improvement in her interactions with us or the environment. But this time, she was a bit more sleepy and even wobbly on a couple of occasions when getting up.

That actually made us feeling bad to experiment with this drug on her. We just sent an email to our VB to see if we should continue or not. So far, it seems that it won't be useful as a long term drug to decrease her anxiety, but it may be useful at a higher dose as an event medication (ie. a medication to use to sedate her in case of emergency like a fire evacuation, a vet visit...).

It didn't stop her to beg for cookies :)


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