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treat tasting

We did a bunch of tasting tests and Skye loved the game :)

Here are the results:

  • Best of all:

    • Tuna and Salmon flaked, wet cat food (Wellness CORE)

    • Egg white (from our chickens)

  • Very close second. They are probably just a little bit lower because we used them more.

    • Tuna and Salmon Pate, wet cat food (Wellness CORE)

    • Beef sausages (Whole Foods)

  • Items she likes a lot:

    • Salmon skin (Trader Joe's)

    • Freeze dried beef liver (Pupford)

    • Salmon jerky (Trader Joe's)

    • Freeze dried salmon (Pupford)

  • Things she might eat if she feels like it, but of no value for training.

    • Vegan smoked salmon (Come Here Buddy)

    • Fish kibbles (Trader Joe's) - very low value

    • Salmon Sweet potato jerky (Trader Joe's) - no value

Beyond the items above we also can use the lick mat / kong with either vegan cream cheese or peanut butter. She really likes both.


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