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who is training who?

At dusk, crepuscular critters (namely rats) are getting active in our yard and so is Skye... I don't mind her chasing them, but she barks a lot doing so! She has quite a deep loud bark and I really don't want to disturb our neighbors. So I call her every time she barks, get her in the house, and give her a treat. After a few times, I didn't even had to go outside to get her back in. She would come running in the house as soon as I called her to get a treat. Positive reinforcement training, right? Well, last night, she started barking and then immediately ran towards me without waiting for me to call her. And she did that multiple times. I am even suspicious that there were any critters to bark after...

I can see the connection being made in her brain: barking is the clue for my human to give me treats. LOL.


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