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wire crate

Skye's rabies vaccination is due this summer and we can't keep ignoring it. (At some point, we thought of doing that while spaying her but we gave up on that project.) So we discussed the different options with our dog trainer and here is our plan: Have Skye heavily sedated in a wire crate with a sheet covering it. The will come home, lift a corner of the sheet, and give her the injection using a pole syringe. All that would happen at home, and all will be fast and safe.

Step #1 is to get Skye comfortable with a wire crate. Two days ago, we put the new crate outside and let her sniff it. Yesterday, we placed some treats inside by the door and she ate them. And this morning, she put 2 paws in it to get treats we placed a bit further.

This is incredible fast progress for Skye!

(Remember, it took her more than a year to go in her soft crate and that was accelerated thanks to professor rat!)


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