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Clorofil is a nonprofit micro-sanctuary located in the San Francisco bay area.

We grow awareness in our community by giving talks about farmed animals and the impact of animal agriculture on our planet. We are also promoting chicken adoption and educating the public about pet chicken care.


I am very grateful that on Giving Tuesday we raised more than a third of our goal! We are also very excited that a generous donor offered to match all gifts up to $1,000 through the month of December. So we are keeping this fundraiser going till the end of the year!
I am so grateful for your support ❤️


Dear friends,

Tuesday is #GivingTuesday, the global day of giving.
This year we are fundraising for our education programs. Our two most successful programs were "The impact of animal agriculture on our planet" for high school students and our chicken care classes for adults. We want to expand our curriculum to younger kids. Your donations will also help us provide the best medical care for the animals in our micro-sanctuary.

Help us meet our $1,500 goal.
Donate now and Facebook could match your donations.
There are no fees. 100% of your donation goes to Clorofil and is tax deductible.



Isabelle Cnudde

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A monthly newsletter full of practical tips and facts about chickens to help you have a happy and healthy flock.

December 1, 2019


We love heartwarming stories like Sweetpea's incredible luck and recovery, or The Special Ones at Blackberry Creek Farm animal sanctuary.
Today we are bringing Scout's story to you. It is written by our friend, Kim Kunst, who has a micro-sanctuary in Danville, CA. She has a soft spot for special needs animals. 

"I adopted Scout (Ameraucana / Leghorn) knowing that he was a scissor beak chicken. He was only about 3 m...

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