Clorofil is an all-volunteer animal advocacy nonprofit and micro-sanctuary in the San Francisco Bay area.

We grow awareness in our community by giving talks about the plight of farmed animals and the impact of animal agriculture on our planet. We are also promoting chicken adoption and educating the public about pet chicken care.

Everyone can have an impact on

Here is how your generosity made a difference in 2020:

  • Our education programs didn’t really slow down with Covid. By moving them online, we were actually able to reach people all across the US. We created “La cuisine de Clorofil”, a series of lighthearted cooking videos sharing plant-based recipes with a French twist. Skye, our dog rescued from the dog meat trade, made her debut as an ambassadress for all farmed animals with a short film that was selected by the International Vegan Film Festival. And she is also the main character in a soon to be released children’s book.

  • We rescued many chickens, often in partnership with other sanctuaries. We fostered and adopted out over twenty of them. During the horrible fire season, we helped with the evacuation of several sanctuaries.

  • Our proudest accomplishment was the release of Rescued!, a fun and educational animal trivia game for the whole family. It’s available at and all profits go directly to animal rescue and education nonprofits.

  • We extended our outreach by collaborating with local environmental organizations. We helped them promoting a plant-based lifestyle by organizing talks, food tastings, and supporting their online communities.


Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference. Here are the many different ways you can support us:


Thank you.

Looking for the perfect holiday gift?


Rescued! is a game of knowledge, strategy, and chance.


Learn far-out facts about the cats, chickens, cows, dogs, and pigs that live alongside us, and use your knowledge to win the game and give them a happy home!

Rescued! features dozens of stories of individual animals rescued by animal sanctuaries, shelters, and rescue organizations, with beautifully crafted paintings on each card.

All proceeds go toward animal rescue nonprofits.

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A monthly newsletter full of practical tips and facts about chickens to help you have a happy and healthy flock.

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