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Clorofil is an all-volunteer animal advocacy nonprofit and micro-sanctuary in the San Francisco Bay area.

We grow awareness in our community by giving talks about the plight of farmed animals and the impact of animal agriculture on our planet. We are also promoting chicken adoption and educating the public about pet chicken care.

Tempted to buy a baby chick?



Behind the fuzzy ball of cuteness hides...

  • 10-year commitment,

  • 6 weeks constant care and monitoring,

  • a terrible dilemma if she turns out to be a rooster,

  • cruelty : 99% chicks come from hatcheries, and hatcheries kill the male chicks.

They are not toys. They are a big responsibility.

Learn what’s involved in keeping chickens, before introducing them in your backyard.

And consider adoption to save lives.

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A monthly newsletter full of practical tips and facts about chickens to help you have a happy and healthy flock.

April 1, 2020


Bumblefoot is a term used to describe a staph infection on a chicken’s foot. It comes from the old British word “bumble” meaning “to walk unsteadily”. Staph is the shorthand for the bacteria Staphylococcus. These bacteria commonly live on a chicken’s skin and do normally increase the bird’s resistance to other infections. But they will themselves cause an infection if they get into the body though a cut in the skin...

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